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A Partnership between the X-ray Science Division and the Canadian Light Source
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Beamline Announcements

- The deadline for GUP proposals and for GUP and PUP beamtime requests for the 2018-3 run is Friday, July 6, 2018, 11:59pm CST.


- Trouble-shooting guide for users of Sector-20 beamlines


- Updated Acknowledgements - see Research page.



Welcome to the Spectroscopy Group Web Page.


Research at our beamlines focuses primarily on the spectroscopic (XAFS, XRS, Time-resolved, catalysis) and microbeam (microprobe mapping, micro-XAFS, micro-diffraction) applications of hard X-rays.


On this website you should find most if not all of the information relevant to accessing and using the Sprectroscopy beamlines.  If you feel something is missing or needs to be clarified, please contact us.


Regards from the Spectroscopy Group Staff.


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Sector 20 operations are supported by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian Light Source.
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