APS Spectroscopy Group
Sector-20 ID and BM Beamlines, & Sector-9 BM

at the Advanced Photon Source

Argonne National Laboratory

A Partnership between the X-ray Science Division and the Canadian Light Source
Canadian Light Source   Advanced Photon Source

Sector-20 Contacts

  • Phone at 20-ID Control Station: 630-252-1820

  • Phone at 20-BM Control Station: 630-252-1720

  • User Lounge: 630-252-0588

  • FAX: 630-252-0580

Sector-9-BM Contacts

  • Phone at 9-BM Control Station: 630-252-1871 or 630-252-1709

Sector-20 Notables

Advisory Committee: Spectroscopy

  • E. Daryl Crozier (SFU)

  • John Fulton (PNNL)

  • Paul Stevens (EXXON)

  • Yulia Pushkar (Purdue)

Address Information

  • 9700 S. Cass Avenue, Bldg. ****, Argonne, IL, USA  60439

          **** 435E for Sector-20, 433A for Sector-9

  • For Shipping: Argonne's EIN # is 68-0628477

APS & Argonne Contacts

  • APS User Office: 630-252-9090 or 2-9090 from a local Argonne Phone

  • Floor Coordinator on duty from any APS phone: 2-0101  (goes to pager)

  • Argonne Guest House from APS: dial 5, wait for tone, then dial 0 for front desk

  • Argonne Guest House from outside APS: 800-632-8990

  • Argonne Guest House Room: dial 5, wait for tone, then 2### where ### is 3-digit room number

  • EMERGENCY:  911 (from any ANL land line)


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Physical Constants
X-ray Data Booklet

Sector 20 and 9-BM operations are supported by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian Light Source.

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