APS Spectroscopy Group
Sector-20 ID and BM Beamlines, & Sector-9 BM

at the Advanced Photon Source

Argonne National Laboratory
A Partnership between the X-ray Science Division and the Canadian Light Source
Canadian Light Source   Advanced Photon Source


Sector Orientations


Please click the appropriate link below to take the online portion of your orientation.


Sector-20 Orientation

Sector-9 BM Orientation


The verification forms below are for reference only. Part 2 of your orientation will be

completed onsite with a member of the sector staff.


Sector-20 Orientation Verification Form


Sector-9 BM Orientation Verification Form


Shipping Samples To and From APS


Instructions for mail-in samples and sample holders



Our Shipping Address for non-radioactive materials:


Use this address for hazardous materials

Argonne National Laboratory

c/o bldg. 46 - Hazardous Materials Receiving

Bldg. * see note below *

9700 S. Cass Ave.

Lemont, IL 60439

Attn: your bl scientist's name / your name & GUP #

Use this address for non-hazardous materials

Argonne National Laboratory

Bldg. * see note below *

9700 S. Cass Ave.

Lemont, IL 60439

Attn: your bl scientist's name / your name & GUP #


* Note *  For sector-20, the building is 435-E030.  For 9 BM the building is 433-A020


Please let your beamline scientist know when your shipment is sent.  Tracking information is also appreciated.


If you are shipping radioactive materials, you must contact your beamline scientist for instructions.



Instructions for the Return Shipment of your materials from APS:


Sector-20 Shipping Form (for shipping materials from sector 20)


Sector-9 BM Shipping Form (for shipping materials from 9 BM)


Sector-20 Remote Solid Waste Disposal Form


Beamline Designs and Drawings


20ID Indirect Cooled Crystal Info (zip file)


20ID Rough Layout (zip file)


Cryostat Sample Holders (zip file)


Cryostat Liquid Cells (zip file)

18- slot sample holder

27- slot sample holder

8- hole sample holders (zip file)  


Misc. Info


9 BM Wiki Page (This contains a lot of useful info including safety, beamline instrumentation, cameras, etc.)


Beamtime Request Form for CLS PUP time only


Map of the ANL Campus


Video tour of APS


Beamline Controls


Beamline Software Manual (version 8, still accurate but to be updated)


Beamline Trouble-Shooting Guide


Beamline Data Viewing Programs and Standards Info


1D ScanPlot        2D ScanPlot        2D QScanPlot v2 Installer       2D Qscan Plot v3 Installer


2D QScanPlot v4 Installer


S20 ImageJ input-output


Arsenic Standards (in transmission): Arsenopyrite, Orpiment, As2O3 and H2KAsO4.nH2O



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Physical Constants
X-ray Data Booklet

Sector 20 and 9-BM operations are supported by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian Light Source.
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