APS Spectroscopy Group
Sector-20 ID and BM Beamlines, & Sector-9 BM

at the Advanced Photon Source

Argonne National Laboratory
A Partnership between the X-ray Science Division and the Canadian Light Source
Canadian Light Source   Advanced Photon Source

Sector 20 has operational both Insertion Device and Bending Magnet beamlines.


To develop a feel for how Sector 20 is located at the APS relative to other Sectors, we suggest you view, from a user's perspective, a 20 minute tour of the APS ring. (50MB WMV file, if necessary, right-click and save link target)


There is also a 9-1/2 minute video tour of APS available here.


Both beamlines at Sector 20 have fixed-exit double-crystal monochromators utilizing Si(111), with the ID line also having Si(311) mounted beside the Si(111)  in a readily interchangeable fashion.


Sector 20 also maintains a laboratory facility for handling powder samples for XAFS experiments.

Access from other sectors to this facility requires submission of a non-Xray type ESAF.

Details of the facility are available here: XAFS PREP LAB.




ID                  BM


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Sector 20 and 9-BM operations are supported by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian Light Source.
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